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I can't believe my littlest princess is two months old!

Two Months...
Becca weighs 10lbs 10oz, and is 23in long!

What Becca likes...
Being held
-Her siblings

What Becca doesn't like...
-Getting her diaper changed
-Her car seat
-Getting shots :( 

I can throw in a million cliches about how fast time is passing, and how she's growing up way too fast... but nothing sums up the mix of emotions I feel when I think about the fact that every day is a first and a last. Every day my baby does something new, and that is the last time we will experience that first. It's hard not to obsess over every milestone, as this will be our last child. It doesn't make parenting any less hard, and it doesn't mean every moment will be enjoyable.

So for now, I just try to enjoy each moment as much as I can without putting too much pressure on myself. You can't tell me the poop'splosion that just occurred all over the changing table, the baby, and me is supposed to be enjoyable.

But moments like that one above? And most of the moments throughout the day? Yeah, they are awesome. The love that my big kids have for this little person is amazing. The love that I have for all three little beings is beyond words.

I love watching them all grow <3 
XO, Steph

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  1. How beautiful! Continue to enjoy motherhood and all of its' blessings.

  2. such a sweetie! looks like her siblings are in love!!


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