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Seventh Generation is not a new company, but their diapers are new to me. Three kids later... I finally ventured into the eco-friendly diaper world, and I'm so sad I didn't find them earlier.

Seventh Generation is very proud of the diapers they produce, as they are:

-Baby Diapers that are free of chlorine processing

-Unbleached brown core fiber

-Diapers for babies with premium absorbency & leak protection

-Hypoallergenic Baby Diapers

-Free of fragrances, inks, & petroleum-based lotions

If I'm being honest, I was very skeptical of these diapers. I thought that since they were void of so many things my regular diapers contain that they couldn't possibly work as well, fit as well, or be as comfortable.


They were awesome.

Seventh Generation diapers are not only great for your baby and the environment, but they are super functional, too. The newborn diapers fit way longer than any other brand (we used two other brands, three different styles, and R outgrew all of the others first). I didn't try them on her until she was probably 8+lbs, though, so I suspect they start bigger than other newborn diapers as well.

They kept her dry all night, and held in even the biggest of messes. Even hubby was on board! His only complaint was that they are brown... because... well... other things are brown, and he had a few scares when he checked her diaper, if you know what I mean.

And the wipes? They are just as cushy and absorbent as my favorite wipes from other brands, but without all the toxins and chemicals.

Seventh Generation currently has an Instagram promotion going on, which you can read the details about in the picture above.

Read more about all of the Seventh Generation brand and their products HERE. You can find these products in nearly every store these days, and they are affordable.

Have you tried any Seventh Generation products? What do you think?

XO Steph
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