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The next serious in my "10 things I can't live without" series is Beauty Products! Now, let me tell you, it was hard to narrow it down to 10 essential items. These 10 are tried, true, loved, repeatedly bought, and/or constantly in my make-up bag. In no particular order... here they are :)

What are YOUR beauty essentials?!
Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Loose Powder
I kind of stumbled upon Physicians Formula Mineral Powder after a long, painful search through the entire line of luxury powders at Sephora (the one good thing is that they have a great return policy, so they happily accepted all of my slightly-used powders). I couldn't justify paying $25+ for powders that settled, creased, cracked, wore off, etc... so I ended up at Target, and came across this! I fell in love, and years later I haven't found anything better! It covers flawlessly and generously without caking or creasing, and it doesn't make me break out (even more than I already am). SOLD!


L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara, Carbon Black
After a lifetime... literally... of searching for the perfect mascara, I finally found it. I happened to win this during a SheSpeaks twitter party, but seriously, I would recommend this to anyone with the guarantee that they will love it. My good friend asked if I had false lashes on recently, because it's just THAT good. This mascara gives volume and length, but nothing too over the top or clumpy. The biggest win? It doesn't run. Ok, here, see for yourself :)

Another magic gem that I won in the same box from the SheSpeaks twitter party. This is one of the best Lip Glosses I've owned because of the pigmentation, the slight but subtle shimmer and shine, it wears really well, and it's not sticky! This is my everyday go-to gloss that stays in my mini make-up bag. It's great for a playdate at the park, or a night on the town.


L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic B.B. Cream
Okay, the LAST one from the SheSpeaks L'Oreal box. (I promise I'm not affiliated with L'Oreal, they just make amazing products) So this was my very first BB cream, and I'm in love. It's just thick enough to give a great base coverage without the thick coating like foundation, but it's also ultra moisturizing! I use this every day under my PF Mineral Powder, and it gives me full coverage while still looking natural. It's a small tube, but a little goes a long way!

Be A Bombshell Blush - Sweet Cheeks
I received this amazing blush in the April Ipsy Glam Bag (which I highly recommend, at a bargain for $10/month, you get to try 4-5 new products! see full review here or sign up for Ipsy here). This blush (though it looks shockingly pink) is a very light, yet shimmery rose-colored pink. It really pops against my skin, but totally works for everyday wear. I've never been a daily blush wearer... until now!

bareMinerals Hot To Trot Lip Gloss Set
My other favorite lip gloss is bareMinerals! My mom got me this Hot to Trot gloss set for Christmas (see review here), and I had no idea I would love it as much as I do. There are 6 glosses, from barely there to hot mama, depending on your mood. I love that these are buxom, meaning they give a little tingle to let you know they are plumping up your kisser! They are a bit sticky, but they stay on for-ev-er. Hours, seriously. Sup, lips?

bareMinerals® Mini Masters™ Brush Set
Yep, another bareMineral product thanks to my mama! These are my favorite makeup brushes! Yes, they are "mini" meaning that you don't have a big ole handle taking up space. The bristles are super soft and minky, but are not flimsy. They do NOT fall out while you're putting on makeup (like many others), and they do not get hard, or move, or anything else over time. I have soaked and washed my powder brush too many times to count, and it dries and goes back like new every time! Perfect little set!

NAIL POLISH!!! Now, I could obviously do a post about this alone, but I decided to just group it all into one and say that nail polish is definitely one of my top 10 beauty products. You can see posts about a few of my favorite polishes (most of them indies) here, here, here and here. Another one of my go-to, all-time favorites is a perfect red: Essie Nail Polish: Who's She Red.

  It's actually kind of sad to admit that I've used gone back to the same palate of eyeshadow so many times, and all four colors are in the same little container! So convenient! Plus, Maybelline says (not directly to me, but still) that purples compliment green eyes. I guess there's no shame in finding a cheap eye-shadow palate you love!

Burt's Bees 4-Pack of Classic Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E and Peppermint
Last, but not least, is good old fashioned Burt's Bees!! Any Lip Balm junkie will tell you that this stuff is the best! It's made from all-natural beeswax, and it also gives you a little tingle and plump from peppermint! This Lip Balm is a definite purse staple, but it's also good for tough jobs like cracked winter lips because it's gentle and natural!

SO there you have it! My list of 10 beauty items I can't live without! What are your beauty essentials?? Leave them in the comments so other readers can investigate your picks :)

XO Steph!

Disclosure: This post contains afilliate links... so if you click and make a purchase I may get credit (don't worry, it hasn't happened yet! lol!) Also, pictures followed by an * are not mine, and are borrowed from or stock websites.


  1. I have to agree with the Essie nail polish as a favorite of mine! ;) I like Julep's brand too!

    1. Jessica- I actually tried Julep's subscription for a couple of months, but didn't like their polish! It never dried... and I need like flash dry polish to keep up with these kids LOL

  2. For me - eye liner! If I don't wear it, everyone gives me the "ooh, are you sick or something?" comment :/

    1. Krista - Which eye liner do you like best? I have never found one that doesn't run or wear off!

  3. I don't wear much make-up anymore but I LOVE Olay Fresh Effects Face Cleanser :-) But I will say that I HAVE to have some type of Chapstick with me at all times. My favorite is Nivea!

    1. OOh I got to try that one (I think... did it have the little triangle scrubber?) from influenster... it was pretty good!


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