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Yesterday, I got my first shipment (FREE - I'll explain how you can, too, at the bottom) from Graze - a new, healthy, weekly snack box delivery service. They have been present in the UK for some time now, but just recently launched in the U.S. and are looking forward to expanding soon. They currently only ship to US addresses, including P.O. Boxes, within the 48 continental states. Delivery is always FREE, and the boxes are always $5 (or less, if you refer friends!) flat - shipped USPS, and they fit right in your mailbox.

You can choose light boxes, with four snacks ranging from 50 - 150 calories each, or nibble boxes, which gives you nearly 100 tasty, healthy snacks to chose from.

Graze boxes are perfectly portioned, and so easy to transport - they come in four individually sealed packages, ready to be tossed into a purse or snack bag and go! No worrying about serving sizes or having to repackage snacks.
perfect portions to the rescue
 Each week, they give you a personal printout with the nutrition facts for the four snack that are included in your package. 

This week, I got: Cookies & Cream, Tutti Frutti, Summer Berry Flapjack, and The British Barbeque. 

This snack was for hubby - I am not a big smoked almond fan :)
Such a unique combination of sweet and savory, and it really reminded me of cookies and cream.
This was separated into three perfect little bars - perfect for my kids and I! So yummy...

The perfect combination of dried fruits, sweet and sour. S and I loved these.

(Taken directly from the website) Every graze snack has a healthy benefit, represented by these symbols…
1 serving of fruit
If you see this symbol it means you're getting one tasty serving of fruit (which is equivalent to a half cup of fruit).
110-150 calories
All our lighter snacks have this symbol with the exact number of calories shown on the website.
under 110 calories
All our super light snacks have this symbol with the exact number of calories shown on the website and on the snack packs.
good source of vitamins and minerals
Every one of these nibbles is a good source of at least two or more vitamins and minerals, as approved by USDA dietary guidelines.
good source of fiber
This symbol means that your snack is a good source of dietary fiber.
really super healthy
Specially selected by the nutrition team, these are just about the healthiest snacks you can find. These are our purest mixes in the range with an abundance of healthy highlights.

So you are always getting a great balance of nutrition, no matter what snacks you get. 

I totally loved this Graze box. If you sign up using this link, you get to try your first box for free (like I did). You are not obligated to purchase any future boxes, and can postpone or cancel at any time. Every friend you refer gives you $1 of a future Graze box, and the fifth box is free, too!

If you like trail mixes, fruits, nuts, etc in healthy varieties, perfectly portioned, and sent right to your door, you should try this program out. If you do, let me know what you think! 

Happy Grazing! 


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